This is a Test Blog

≡≡≡ I originally set up this site to check how newly introduced themes handle both existing images and Gallery display in single Posts, Pages and on archives/categories pages. While one can certainly look at a new theme’s demo site in the Theme Showcase, the demo sites don’t cover all that the Gallery feature has

Welcome to A New Gallery Style: Tiled Columns!

As with the Tiled Mosaic style Gallery, your mileage may vary depending on the number/ratio of portrait to landscape images you include and the theme you are using. Here’s the same Tiled Columns style Gallery as above, but without the landscape image: And with fewer images: Again, like the Tiled Mosaic, you won’t be able to select which

Image Attachment Pages and The Photo Carousel

Every image you upload to your site creates a corresponding Attachment page. You can check this out yourself by uploading an image directly to your Media Library and then clicking on the “View” link for that image in the Media Library. When you upload and insert an image via your Post/Page Editor’s “Add Media” button, that

Media Update: Slideshows Simplified

Creating a WordPress Slideshow was entirely re-imagined in the latest update to the Media Manager in November 2012. Gone are the the cumbersome workarounds needed to display only the photos you wanted in the Slideshow and good riddance! To insert a Slideshow in your post or page, you can now use the Media Manager’s options as

Media Update: Multiple Galleries and Single Images

This post was updated on 28 December 2013 One of the biggest improvements in the November 2012 update to Media Handling is the ability to easily add multiple Galleries and single images in the same Post or Page without the need to manually modify the Gallery shortcode with “includes” or “excludes” as was previously done. This information, however, does

Using A Single Image as a Gallery Portal

This post was updated on 8 August 2014 Perhaps you’d like to have a single image act as a focal point for your writing but still be able to display more images without having to insert an entire Gallery’s worth of photos in your Post. Even at thumbnail size, having many images can potentially overwhelm your

Gallery as an Index Page

This post was updated on 28 February 2014 What follows is a workaround to link Gallery images to Pages and or Posts or external URLs. While this workaround does work, read on to understand its limitations. If you would like to see a change in how the Gallery feature functions so that this workaround becomes

Gallery As Custom Excerpt

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet swine pork chop beef t-bone ball tip capicola ham hock, corned beef jowl. Boudin tongue rump meatball brisket cow, swine prosciutto ball tip. Pork belly shankle t-bone turducken, kielbasa short loin shank bacon filet mignon turkey. Pastrami ground round shankle, boudin beef flank pork tongue shank rump sausage. Venison tri-tip ground round, bresaola ham hock pastrami drumstick tail pork loin pancetta meatloaf shank ham swine andouille. Spare ribs pork belly tongue tenderloin. Beef ribs ribeye cow ham brisket short loin.

(This filler text courtesy of Bacon Ipsum .)

And the real point of this post can only be seen on the front page of this blog. If you cannot see the Custom Excerpt using the Gallery post format,  based on this reference post on wpbtips, it means that the theme presently being displayed does not support the Gallery post format and/or the use of Excerpts.

One Photo Gallery

The following is a bit of an experiment. The image below was uploaded as usual, but inserted in this post in an unusual way. I’m sure after all this you can guess what that is. After uploading and saving all changes (Title, Caption, etc.), I closed the Image Uploader and then wrote the Gallery shortcode directly