Hello world!

The original of both uploaded images below is 1024×768 pixels.

The top image was uploaded and inserted in the “Twenty Ten” theme using the “Full Size” option for that theme (640 pixels wide). The bottom image was uploaded and inserted also at “Full Size” in “Twenty Ten”, but with a caption. When switching themes, some themes may fail to resize the image to the new “full size”.


Some points to consider:

  • On some themes it appears that using an image caption may actually interfere with an image’s ability to resize correctly when switching to a new theme! If you come across this phenomenon, please post in the Themes Support forum and let us know there’s a bug in the theme you are using.
  • If you upload images to insert individually in a post and then decide not to insert them there, if you have linked any of your inserted images to the image Attachment page, your visitors will be able to navigate through all the images that were uploaded to the Post. You can see this in action by clicking on the captioned image above. The only way to avoid this is to delete the unused images permanently from the Media Library. If you don’t wish to delete the other uploaded image, then link your inserted  images to either “File URL” or to “none”. (see “Uploading and Inserting Images: The Three (Plus 1) Link Options“)
  • This is the only post on this site displaying a “Featured Image” which can be seen depending on whether the theme currently in use supports it. How the Featured Image is displayed varies from theme to theme.
  • For anyone concerned about maintaining image quality on their site: “Required Reading” and “Maximum Displayed Image Width” are must-reads. Bookmark those links; you’ll be coming back to them often.

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UPDATE November 9, 2011: New lightbox style “Photo Carousel” comes to the Gallery feature