Split Gallery using "Includes"

→Inserting multiple Galleries in the same post is very easy following the November 2012 update to WordPress Media Handling. Please see “Media Update: Multiple Galleries and Single Images“. The post below is archived for informational purposes.

All photos in this post were uploaded at the same time and then split into two separate Galleries by writing the Gallery shortcode directly in the HTML/Text Editor using the “include” parameter and the image ID number of each photo. (How to find the image ID number)

Shortcode example:
[ gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” orderby=”ID” include=”1258,1259,1260″ ]

Because you have two “Galleries” in the same post, each group of photos can have its own settings. The Gallery above is using ‘size=”medium”‘ to increase the size of the image displayed, as well as having ‘columns=”2″‘ so that those columns will hopefully fit your theme’s posting column width. If it doesn’t, you can try different “orderby” and “order” settings to see if one of the combinations will allow you to display the larger thumbnails.

Shortcode example: [ gallery orderby=”title” include=”1261,1262,1263″ link=”file” ]

Some points to consider:

  • This “split” displays on the home/front page of your blog and in the full Post.
  • When viewing the Gallery images in the Image Carousel, this split is respected.
  • If you have turned off the Image Carousel in your media settings, and have not included ‘link=”file”‘ in the Gallery shortcode so that the image file is displayed when the thumbnail is clicked, when you browse the individual image Attachment pages the Gallery will continue to display as a single Gallery with links to the previous and next images uninterrupted.
  • Not all themes have a posting column wide enough to handle medium-size thumbnails in two columns. If the example above shows overlapping/cutoff thumbnails, you will need to change your Gallery shortcode to “columns=”1” or delete the “size=”medium” to return to smaller thumbnails.
  • An alternative to the above is to globally change your blog’s media settings to make medium-sized images smaller than the default 300 pixel width/height.

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√The technique for using “includes” to display multiple WordPress Galleries in a single post was first published at the Bryce Corkins Design blog.

Prerequisite reading:

•UPDATE November 9, 2011: New lightbox style “Photo Carousel” comes to the Gallery feature