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→Creating a Gallery from images that already exist in your Media Library is very easy following the November 2012 update to WordPress Media Handling. Please see “Media Update: Multiple Galleries and Single Images“. The post below is archived for informational purposes.

All the photos in this Gallery were pulled in from the Media Library by using the “include” parameter with the image ID number in the Gallery shortcode. This can only be done by creating the Gallery directly in the HTML/Text Editor.

Additionally, I’ve also used some HTML to force the Gallery to display on the left side of this post.

Shortcode example:
[ gallery include=”1130,974,937″ columns=”1″ link=”file” ]

Some points to consider:

  • The Image Carousel preserves the display of these images as a regular Gallery.
  • If you have turned off the Image Carousel, as these images already appear on-site, you should add “‘link=”file”‘ to the Gallery shortcode, as when clicking on a thumbnail image, your visitor will be taken to the Gallery Attachment page in the Post where the image originally appears.
  • Alternatively, if you do decide to keep the default link to Attachment pages, this could aid when you want to expand on information found in that original Post.
  • Image Captions and Descriptions remain the same regardless of where the image appears on your site. They cannot be changed from Post to Post, etc.
  • On themes where Gallery posts are excerpted on the front page, you may not see a thumbnail image because technically there is no Gallery in this post. (!)

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UPDATE November 9, 2011: New lightbox style “Photo Carousel” comes to the Gallery feature

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