One Column Gallery Post

This post was last updated on 28 December 2013

What you are seeing here is a Gallery displayed in one column at “full size”, which in speak means full width of your theme’s content posting area and not the full width of the image you uploaded. After you have inserted the Gallery from the Media Library, switch to the Text  tab of the Page or Post Editor and add “size=”full” to the shortcode, otherwise your Gallery will continue to display one column with thumbnail images.

Shortcode example: [ gallery columns=”1″ size=”full” ]

Some points to consider:

  • In order to maximize your storage space and minimize the impact of resizing of your images, re-size your images to their maximum displayed image width before you upload them.
  • If you tend to change your theme often and would prefer to settle on a standard size for all your image uploads rather than resizing and reuploading images each time you change theme, 640 pixels up to 1024 pixels wide are good options depending on whether you’re using a fixed width or flexible width theme. Consult the extra notes in the image width post linked to above or your theme’s Showcase page.

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Prerequisite reading:

•UPDATE November 9, 2011: New lightbox style “Photo Carousel” comes to the Gallery feature