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→Inserting Slideshows and separate images in the same Post or Page got a whole lot easier with the November 2012 update to WordPress Media Handling. Please see, “Media Update: Slideshows Simplified” for the latest. The post below is archived for informational purposes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The original slideshow above consists of 4 images uploaded and inserted with “Insert Slideshow” on the Gallery tab of the Image Uploader.

Like the above two photos, any additional images uploaded and inserted to the same post, or uploaded directly to the Media Library and inserted from there, becomes “attached” to the slideshow, as they would in a Gallery post as well.

The workaround to uploading additional images and keeping them apart and separate from the slideshow is similar to that of Gallery posts, but without the convenient option to use “excludes”.

  1. Images inserted using “insert from URL” in the Image Uploader remain as separate images and do not become attached to the slideshow. Upload the image to the Media Library directly and copy the image URL from there. Next open your slideshow post to where you want to add the new image and in the Image Uploader, paste it into the “Image URL” line in the  “Insert from URL” tab.
  2. Upload your image to a previously published post, but without inserting the image in that post. The published post is only being used to upload the photo. After the upload you can close that post and return to the post where the slideshow is and insert the additional photos normally from the Media Library. They should not be included in the slideshow because they’ve been attached to the post you used to upload the images.
Part of the Nile Festival Mosaic

Some points to consider:

  • In some themes, images inserted by URL may not re-size to fit the theme posting column width and the right side of the image may be cut off, break out or the image be distorted.  To re-size the image you can use WordPress.com’s built in Image Editing utility or, better, use your favorite image editing program to re-size images before you upload them.
  • When you upload images to a previously published post, do not upload to a post where: A) you have uploaded other photos and are displaying them in a Gallery, as the newly uploaded photo will subsequently appear in the existing Gallery; B) there is a single photo being displayed which is linked to its Attachment page. Although only the single photo will be displayed normally in the post, once someone clicks on it to view the Attachment page, the Attachment page will include navigation to any other image that was uploaded to that same post, even though it is not inserted in that post. For an example, click on the post “Hello world!“, which was used to upload the Nile Festival Mosaic photo, and look at the Attachment page for that post’s photo.

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•UPDATE November 9, 2011: New lightbox style “Photo Carousel” comes to the Gallery feature