Shapes and Mosaics: New Ways of Displaying Your Gallery Thumbnails

This post was updated on 3 September 2015 has recently introduced some interesting new ways for its users to display their Galleries.

Shapes: In addition to the Gallery’s default Thumbnail Grid, which takes its shape from your uploaded images (i.e. portrait or landscape), you can now display your Gallery thumbnails as Circle, Square Tiles or Tiled Mosaics.  If you’ve uploaded irregularly sized photos in your Gallery, this will even out the display of those images.

The “type” parameter can be applied on a Gallery-to-Gallery basis and can be added to the Gallery from the dropdown menu in the Gallery Screen of the Media Handler or by directly modifying the Gallery shortcode in the Text tab of the Post or Page Editor.

In the Media Handler, choosing “Circles” (or in the gallery shortcode: [ gallery type=”circle” ]) will cause your Gallery thumbnails to display like this:

Choosing “Square Tiles” in the Media Handler (or shortcode [ gallery type=”square” ]) will make your thumbnails display like this:

and lastly, choosing “Tiled Mosaic” (or [ gallery type=”rectangular” ] although Staff has indicated that type=”rectangle” also works), like this:

Setting Tiled Mosaic as Default: You will find this under Dashboard>Settings>Media>Image Gallery Carousel>Tiled Galleries> Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic. This setting will change the default display of all Galleries globally on your site so that they appear as a tiled mosaic (like the one shown just above) rather than as individual thumbnail images. It is not currently possible to set which images display larger or smaller than the others.

Regardless of which thumbnail display option you choose, there is no change to how images appear when viewed individually, whether in the default Photo Carousel, the image Attachment page or the Media File.

Some points to consider:

  • The “size” parameter does not function when the Mosaic types are used. Gallery thumbnails are resized dynamically to fill the entire width of your theme’s content column.
  • For the “square” and “circle” thumbnail display, images are best uploaded in multiples of three. Otherwise, you may see odd image sizing to compensate for the width of your theme’s content column. In the sample Galleries above I’ve deliberately used 5 images to demonstrate this. When I used 4 images, the “leftover” single image filled the entire width of the posting area.
  • Both the “square” and “circle” mosaic type do now accept the “columns” parameter, but in order to use it, you will need to manually edit the Gallery shortcode in the Editor’s Text tab.
  • Image Captions: If you use captions extensively on your images, you may find that the new Gallery types truncate them or do not display them at all. Keep in mind that this only affects the front page and single post display. Once a Gallery image is clicked, the caption is visible in the Photo Carousel or Attachment Page.
  • If you find that on your theme these new Gallery options display unexpectedly, won’t you please take a moment to post in the Community Themes Forum and let us know which theme you are using and which Gallery “type” you’ve used. That way we can let the Theme Team know if a theme needs fixing.

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