Media Update: Multiple Galleries and Single Images

This post was updated on 28 December 2013

One of the biggest improvements in the November 2012 update to Media Handling is the ability to easily add multiple Galleries and single images in the same Post or Page without the need to manually modify the Gallery shortcode with “includes” or “excludes” as was previously done. This information, however, does not entirely replace my earlier posts on “Gallery with Excluded Image,” “Split Gallery using Includes” and “Include from Media Library Gallery” as the points to consider raised in those posts are still relevant and there are those who may wish to manually configure the Gallery shortcode in order to take advantage of additional sort orders and Gallery image display sizes.

Add a Gallery by first putting your cursor in your Post or Page where you want the Gallery to appear and click the “Add Media” button, then click on the “Create Gallery” link in the Media Manager’s left sidebar. Use the links at the top of the Media Manager to select whether to upload new images from your computer or to select existing images from the Media Library.

If you’ve chosen to upload images from your computer, after your images have finished uploading they will be automatically selected. If you want to include more photos already in your Media Library, you can select them as well.

When you have finished uploading and making all your image selections, click the “Create a new gallery” button, which will open the Media Manager’s Gallery screen. Here you can select each image and add its Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description.

If you want to add more images, click the “Add to Gallery” link in the left sidebar, upload more images or make your selections and then click the “Add to gallery” button and the Media Manager returns to the Gallery screen.

If you want to remove certain images from your Gallery, you can do so by clicking the “x” which appears in the upper right corner of each image when you hover your mouse over the image.

Lastly, in the Gallery screen’s right sidebar, adjust your Gallery settings (link to, columns, type and sort order) and then click the “Insert New Gallery” button. The Media Manager will close and in the Post/Page Editor you will see the Gallery placeholder graphic in the Visual tab or the Gallery shortcode in the Text tab. (Note: the Gallery images themselves will only appear when you Preview your Post or Page.)

Default Gallery layout (Thumbnail grid)

To add a separate image or images in the same Post or Page, place your cursor where you want the image to appear and click the “Add Media” button. Again, use the links at the top of the Media Manager to select whether to upload an image or select an existing image from your Media Library. After you make your image selection and adjust the image settings  in the Media Manager’s right sidebar for Title, Caption, Alt text, Description and Attachment Display Settings (alignment, link to and size), click the “Insert into Post” button.  The Media Manager will close and your image will appear in the Post Editor.

It’s that simple and works for creating and inserting multiple Galleries as well! Just repeat the process for inserting a Gallery and, of course, each Gallery can have its own settings.

Type: Tiles

For those that would like a visual explanation, a video!

Some points to consider:

  • All the caveats on using image Attachment pages pointed out in my earlier posts on this site and in my Gallery FAQ have become acute now that it’s possible to create a Gallery using previously uploaded images from the Media Library. Currently there is no ability to navigate between those image Attachment pages in an orderly manner as there is when uploading and inserting images together in a Gallery. When using existing images from your Media Library in a Gallery, each image Attachment page opens and points to the post where it was originally uploaded. As far as I know, the only way to assure consistent browsing between Gallery images is to display your Gallery images using only the Photo Carousel.
  • This caveat is also true for single images that have been linked to their Attachment page.
  • The Gallery “types” (Square Tiles, Tiled Mosaic, Circle) have had some unexpected display behaviors when the browser window is resized or when viewing on tablets or mobile devices. To test this in your theme, resize your Post or Page preview window and, if it happens, please take a moment and post in the Themes forum stating what theme you are using and what Gallery type you’ve used.

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