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When is a gallery not a Gallery?

When you’ve used an HTML table to insert thumbnails from the Media Library or other image hosting sites, which can then link to other Posts or Pages/Child Pages, off-site websites, files that are not image files (think PDF, etc.) or nothing, or anything else. While it is more cumbersome to set up, an HTML table is infinitely more flexible than the Gallery feature.

The top row of the table below has various links, the bottom row links to each image’s Attachment page.

Some points to consider:

  • When displaying images using a table, the default Photo Carousel is not available.
  • If you have linked any thumbnail to its Attachment page, your visitors will be able to navigate from image to image. (Since you are not using the Photo Carousel, you can use a single image as a gateway to other images.)
  • If you have switched themes and the image thumbnails are cut off, you will have to adjust your HTML table to fit the new theme’s posting column width.
  • The use of tables is not recommended if you are using a responsive layout theme on your site.

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