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This page was updated on 21 December 2013

This Page is a collection of a few Galleries found on this test blog. It was created by using the Post ID number of each post where a Gallery appears and modifying the Gallery shortcode in the Text tab of the Page Editor.

“In the beginning, there was a Gallery” with excluded images:

Shortcode example: [ gallery id=”965″ exclude=”974,972,970″ link=”file” ]

Mix-it-up Slideshow Gallery using 2 columns, included images, and medium-size images:

Shortcode example:
[ gallery id=”125″ columns=”2″ size=”medium” include=”1191,1187,931,1184″ link=”file” ]

Using a Single Image as a Gallery Portal

Shortcode example:
[ gallery id=”2188″ type=”square” ]

Some points to consider:

  • Because you are using the Post ID number to display your Galleries, you can rearrange their order to suit your needs. You can use different Gallery settings than those you used in your original Post.
  • Image Captions and Descriptions, however, remain the same regardless of where the image appears on your site. They cannot be changed from Post to Post unless you upload the same image again.
  • Using the default Photo Carousel allows for smooth navigation between images regardless of where they appear. If you have turned it off in your Settings>Media Settings, when clicking on a Gallery image, your visitor will be taken directly to the Image Attachment page of the Post where the image was originally uploaded or the Media file. 
  • You can also display all your Gallery posts on its own dynamically-created page by using a Custom Menu to display the Gallery Category in your theme’s navigation or special menu widget. However, you will not be able to modify the Post content or the display of that page, as I have done above by using the Post ID number.
  • When using the default Thumbnail Grid style of Gallery, you may find that your theme’s content column isn’t wide enough to handle medium-size thumbnails in two columns. If the example above shows overlapping/cutoff thumbnails, you will need to change your Gallery shortcode to “columns=”1” or delete the “size=”medium” to return to smaller thumbnails.
  • An alternative to the above is to globally change your Media Settings to make medium-sized images smaller than the default 300 pixels wide/high.
  • The Mosaic styles of Gallery (Square Tiles, Tiled Mosaic or Circles) will fill the entire content column width of your theme. You can read more about the Gallery mosaics in this post “Shapes and Mosaics: New Ways of Displaying Your Gallery Thumbnails

More on displaying Galleries on Pages by Post ID# can be found on Random Acts of Photography.

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